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concordant adj
1 in keeping; "salaries agreeable with current trends"; "plans conformable with your wishes"; "expressed views concordant with his background" [syn: accordant, agreeable, conformable, consonant]
2 being of the same opinion [syn: concurring(a)]

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concordans, present participle of concordare: compare French concordant. See concord.


  1. Agreeing; correspondent; harmonious; consonant; in keeping with; agreeable with; concordant with; concordant to
    • Were every one employed in points concordant to their natures, professions, and arts, commonwealths would rise up of themselves. - Sir Thomas Browne


agreeing, correspondent, harmonious

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

accompanying, accordant, according, affirmative, agreeable, agreeing, akin, amicable, anal, answerable, associate, associated, assonant, assonantal, at one, at one with, at peace, attuned, blended, blending, bloodless, bourgeois, calm, carried by acclamation, chiming, coacting, coactive, coadjutant, coadjuvant, coadunate, coefficient, coexistent, coexisting, coherent, coincident, coinciding, collaborative, collective, collectivist, collectivistic, collusive, combined, combining, commensal, commensurate, common, communal, communalist, communalistic, communist, communistic, communitarian, compatible, compulsive, concerted, concomitant, concurrent, concurring, conformable, conformist, congenial, congruent, congruous, conjoint, conniving, consentaneous, consentient, consilient, consistent, consonant, conspiratorial, conventional, cooperant, cooperating, cooperative, coordinate, correspondent, corresponding, coworking, ecumenic, empathetic, empathic, en rapport, equivalent, fellow, formalistic, frictionless, halcyon, harmonic, harmonious, harmonized, harmonizing, homophonic, idyllic, in accord, in agreement, in chorus, in concert, in concord, in keeping, in line, in rapport, in step, in sync, in synchronization, in tune, in unison, inaccordance, inharmony, joint, kosher, like-minded, meeting, monodic, monophonic, mutual, noncompetitive, of a piece, of like mind, of one accord, of one mind, on all fours, orderly, orthodox, pacific, parasitic, pastoral, peaceable, peaceful, peacetime, pedantic, piping, plastic, positive, precisianistic, proportionate, quiet, reciprocal, reconcilable, restful, saprophytic, self-consistent, serene, soft, solid, square, straight, stuffy, symbiotic, sympathetic, symphonious, synchronized, synchronous, synergetic, synergic, synergistic, together, traditionalist, tranquil, tuned, unanimous, unchallenged, uncompetitive, uncontested, uncontradicted, uncontroverted, understanding, uniform, unisonant, unisonous, united, uniting, unopposed, untroubled, uptight, with one consent, with one voice
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